Introduction to Enterprise Plastics 

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Enterprise Plastics has been in operation since 1985 and all 
our products are designed and manufactured in South Africa
to the highest standards.

We are an innovative plastics injection moulding company
which produces various components for the office chair
industry. We supply country wide and our service is
efficient and reliable. Our quality is assured as we
maintain stringent quality control.

More recently we have also designed and produced a
demarcation and safety barrier system, originally for the
construction industry. In response to the Covid 19
pandemic, we have simplified this system in order to
assist companies and organisations meet the
social distancing and other requirements brought about
by the need to limit Covid 19 infections.

In addition we have introduced rope and cloth link
demarcation barriers for queue and distance control,
as a more affordable alternative to the above.

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Enterprise Plastics cc    Reg. No. 1985/003802/23

Bruce Barkhuizen